"Sense of Greece"

"Sense of Greece"
Camvillia Resort

Relax all muscles and release stress and tension using special techniques, which will help you to feel completely recharged and free from aches and fatigue.

You can choose between back & shoulder massage, indian head massage or full-body massage.

"Sense of Greece"

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage intends to deeply relax all muscles aid relieve tension using acupressure and kneading techniques which will feel like you had a proper workout. The power of essential oils will relieve muscle tension and stiffness, leaving you with a re-conditioned skin tone and feeling completely recharged and free from aches and fatigue.

Key elements: Full-body Sport Massage

Key Elements: Full-body Sport Massage, extra time with warm Santorini lava mud

Back & Shoulder Massage

Focusing on the back, neck & shoulders to help relax and release stress and tension from your musles.

Key Elements: Facial Aromatherapy, Back & Shoulder or Leg Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage to relieve tension in your shoulders, neck, head and face, using a "raindrop" technique with a soothing application of warm oil that alleviates any deep-seated tension from your body and mind.

Key elements: Back, Shoulder & Head Massage with Organic Raw Coconut Oil

Lymphatic Drainage

This gentle massage uses uplifting and detoxifying pre-blended natural massage oils. This form of therapy contributes to the body eliminate excess toxins and fluid that can build up over time.

Key elements: Full-body Lymphatic Massage