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Browse through our List of spa treatments and create your own 'Spa Time Package' to suit your individual needs. Alternatively choose from one of our 'Spa Journeys', which have been put together to offer the perfect antidote to the stresses of everyday life...

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Spa Discovery Rituals

Minoan Princess

An exhilarating experience of relaxation and wellness, that mile and calms both of your body and mind. Treat yourself to a journey featuring the wealth of Mediterranean flavors and aromas, such as sage, mountain tea and other local herbs. The treatment includes the application of a rich body mask, prepared on the spot just for you, incorporating a refreshing cocktail of organic honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, which contributes significantly to the renewal, regeneration and tightening of the epidermis. The mask is followed by an elaborate massage of dittany oil infused with Cretan crocus, leaving the skin silky and smooth. The treatment ends with the application of a refreshing gel containing red grape and raki that leaves your skin deeply hydrated, while also stimulating your mood!

Key elements: Body Scrub & Body Mask, Facial Treatment, 40' Body Massage with pouches

Under the Moon Light

Luxurious anti-ageing body treatment that nourishes and tight the skin, giving you a smooth, shiny and visibly rejuvenated complexion. The beginning of the treatment includes exfoliation using a natural scrub with a heady fragrance of jasmine and gardenia flowers, which removes dead skin cells. This is followed by a magnificent body mask with gold leaves and anti-ageing effect thanks to the precious gems of pink quartz, aquamarine and moonstone. The treatment ends with a relaxing massage with starflower oil. This extraordinary, golden therapy is available strictly after sunset, when the crystals interact with the light of the moon and release their energy.

Key elements: Body Scrub & Body Mask, Facial Treatment & Massage with crystals, 40' Body Massage

Spa Time Journey

This is your time to release, relax and rejuvenate. We know that everyday life can be complicated, so reserve as much time as you aspired to, and allow us to get inspired by your individual needs and propose you an exclusively personalized combination of treatments, tailor-made for you!